You can purchase race tickets on-line at Official Website

You may also mail the Speedway an order form.
Order forms are available from their Web Site or call and
request a ticket order form at 1-800-822-INDY or

NOTE: You can buy General Admission at the gate with cash.
You can buy tickets from the ticket office.

NOTE: Although you may pay for your tickets a year in
advance, IMS does not mail them to you until approximately
two months before the particular race.
Get Tickets From the Speedway
My Ticket Bulletin Board

Ticket Brokers

Tour Operators

Race Fans with extra tickets, hanging around the speedway

Scalpers hanging around the outside of the track.

eBay Auctions and StubHub

Ads in Indianapolis Craigslist
Other Ticket Sources

If you can't find the tickets you want, don't worry. They sell
SO MANY tickets that its a cinch to find them from:
Practice and qualification tickets to all the races can
be purchased in advance, or when you enter the track
- at the gate - CASH ONLY.

IMS doesn't mail out tickets until 2-4 months before
the event, so I do not recommend giving your money
to someone who doesn't have the tickets in their

Obviously you need to be familiar with a map of the
speedway.  I offer various maps throughout this
website.  My
Speedway Maps page may be helpful.  
I've now added a
Speedway Seating Chart.

You can call the Speedway and ask them to send you
an application for tickets. They will send you a map
with the application. Their ticket office number is
1-800-822-INDY as well as 1-800-822-4639.
They are open Monday-Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST.

Once you are a ticket owner, you must pay for and
renew those tickets a year in advance - within a week
of the end of the last race.

People who have tickets, have the right to renew those
tickets.....Every year! Consequently you have a lot of
seats getting passed down generation to generation,
like a heirloom. Seats that come up for sale are offered
to existing ticket holders first.

Don't count on landing great seats when you order
them straight from the speedway. They will ask you to
pick some preferences for seats, and then see what
they can do. You can try and upgrade them every year
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STUBHUB charges both the seller and the buyer.

In the example below,  The seller tries to sell his ticket
for face value of $186.  StubHub only pays him $167
while charging the buyer $227.  

StubHub makes $60.47 off the transaction!
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