This building has 4 floors and the top 3 floors are divided into suites that are rented
out by companies for entertaining their guests at the Indy Speedway.  

Floor 2 contains suite numbers 152-174
Floor 3 contains suite numbers 252-266
Floor 4 contains suite numbers 272-282

There are elevators and stairs available.

Each suite has a balcony of chairs that overlook the track.

The 4th floor has the best view of the track, in fact these may be the best seats in the
house as they put you so close to the cars ... it's incredible!  It's very loud.

The view is from the short chute through Turn 2 and all the way down the back straight
away.  You can also see part of the infield road course.

Every time that I've been invited to these suites, food and beer was served and a TV
was available.  Also we were allowed to borrow some garage/pit passes.  A shuttle
would transport us over to the infield and back.

There is a huge TV across the track for you to watch

View photos below.
The Turn 2 VIP Suites
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Photo-journals from when I sat in these suites:

INDY 500 Bump Day -  2008
INDY 500 Practice Day - 2007