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Frequently Asked Questions
1) Where can I find a detailed seat guide?
2) What is the "standard procedure" for buying tickets from a stranger?
3) How do you order tickets for Qualifications/Carb Day/Practice?
4) Can people sell tickets for more than face value?
5) Can you lose your future ticket rights if you sell your tickets?
6) How do I get infield tickets?
7) Are you affiliated with the Indianapolis Speedway?
8) Can I get a group discount on tickets?
1)  Where can I find a detailed seat guide?

There has not been one available...until now!
I have just started on a seating guide today (Mar 8, '09) and it should be done in a few weeks.
Check it out
2) What is the "standard procedure" for buying tickets from a stranger?

Do not wire money through Western Union!  It is probably not a good idea to send a money order either.
If you cannot meet in person to buy the tickets, then here is a safe method:

First off, the seller should choose a sturdy cardboard envelope as the mailer, so that the tickets do not get bent.

I recommend that the seller mail the tickets at the post office. Send it "Certified Mail". The seller specifies the
amount of money needed to receive the package. It is like sending something C.O.D.

The seller pays the post office approx. a $10 fee for mailing this envelope. More often than not, the price of the
tickets therefore goes up $10.

They can accept cash, money order and personal check. If the buyer presents cash, he'll be charged 80 cents
more for converting it into a money order by the post office. It is up to the seller to determine if they will accept
personal checks.

It may be a good idea to have the tickets sent to the buyer's work address if no one is home during the day. If
the postal worker cannot deliver it, the tickets will have to be picked up at the post office. If the package is not
picked up within 30 days, it will be sent back to the seller. The seller can also specify that the package be
returned on a different date, such as after 1 week.

After the mailman picks up your money, he will mail it to you along with the receipt you signed when you sent it.

I think this method is the safest for both buyer and seller.
3) How do you order tickets for Qualifications/Carb Day/Practice?

There really is no need to.  Whenever you wish to get into the speedway during the month of May, you
simply show up and pay at the gate - whether you drive in or walk in. There is
no way that they will be too
full. (I think the speedway is like 400 acres....) None the less, if you want to pre-purchase your practice
day tickets, you can - Just go to the
IMS Web Site and order them.

But don't forget and leave them at home!  I've done this twice now and had to pay again at the gate.

Ticket prices are listed on my
Ticket Price Page.
4) Some of the ads to sell tickets look as if sellers have sold their tickets for more than
face value.  Will you let people do this?

While most everyone sells their tickets at face value, I do not insist on it or interfere with people's ads.

However, I do not want ticket scalpers using this ticket bulletin board.  This board takes work and I'm
doing it for free for the race fans, not to make profits for professional resellers.
5) I am interested in selling a couple of my tickets for this year and I am a bit concerned
about a warning message that I saw on your site about the Speedway revoking renewal
rights. Can you give me some additional information?

Some people renew the same tickets year after year.  They may have seats that they love and they have
been sitting in them for many years.  If you are such a person, you may want to exercise a little caution if
you can't make it one year, but want to keep those seats next year and beyond.

Whether the Speedway likes it or not, you have the right in Indiana to re-sell those tickets for whatever
price you want.  
However, the Speedway has the right to revoke your tickets if they want!

The Speedway does not approve of people selling their race tickets for more than face value.

I've heard from a few folks who have lost their right to renew tickets that have been in their family for
years, because they sold them for only $10 over face value on eBay or someone else did, who bought
their tickets.

I think this is very rare, but if you want to be safe, do not list the exact seats numbers or don't use eBay
and don't sell to scalpers.  Providing the Grandstand Name, Section# and Row# should be enough
information to provide in your ads.
6) How do I get infield tickets?

Practice or Qualifying Days:
*  You can buy your admittance ticket as you enter at the gate.
*  You do not have to worry about them filling up for practice or qualifying days for any race.
*  I do not know why you'd want to, but you can order tickets in advance for Qualifying. Qualifying never sells out. Why
pay for tickets months in advance, then take the chance of losing them or forgetting them? Just pay your $15 when you
(Practice days are $10).

Race Day:
*  $40 at the gate for infield seats (grassy hills) for the INDY 500.
*  $40 at the gate for infield seats (grassy hills) for the BRICKYARD 400
*  For the MotoGP,  infield tickets are $75 for all three days. $20 for Saturday and Friday, $40 for Race Day only
*  For the Indianapolis Grand Prix, infield tickets are $25 for race day.
7) Are you affiliated with the Indianapolis Speedway?

Not at all.  I am just a race fan trying to help out other race fans.
8) Can I get a group discount on tickets?

Yes, if you have 20 or more people.  The discount is available only from the Speedway and includes:

*  $5 off per ticket
if you sit in a less favored stand (Tower terrace, North vists, NE Vista, H stand)
*  Free Program
*  Drivers Meeting Invitation for Saturday before the race
*  Regardless of where your group sits, you will get to sit in a block of seats and
*  Get a 10% coupon for gift shop
* $15 coupon for a Scanner rental.