The 1950s
Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
Camels began using celebrities as spoke persons in the

These stars would claim their voices were important
( so they smoked filterless cigarettes!? )
James Dean
Robert Young
Here are a couple of manly stars who would later die as result of
Another item that Camel included into their 1-page
advertisements in the mid-fifties were these ads that
basically said, "If you are acting grumpy, then have a
smoke and mellow out."
Phil Silvers
John Wayne ad
Robert Young ad
Phil Silvers ad
Brian Keith ad
John Wayne had a lung removed
in 1964.
Brian Keith
And here are some stars that were "smokers" in more ways
than one.
Rock Hudson
Tony Curtis
Ads still ask people to "Test Them In Your T-Zone".

If an ad starred a male model, then an attractive
female would be placed down in a corner of the ad.
Mr. T says
"I pitys the fool
who tests them
in my T-Zone!"
Camel also began reclining their models to help show how
relaxing the cigarettes were.  In the 40's they said the
smokes were uppers, now they portray them as downers!
Brian Keith's grave
John Wayne's grave
Lung & Stomach
Lung Cancer &
Phil Silver's grave
Stroke & Heart Attack
Robert Young's grave
Respiratory Failure
Cindy Crawford
"Am I glamorous,
or is it the slender
cigarette I hold?"
Courtney Cox
"I know of
something else
that helps my

Getting my own
Watch TV Commercials from the 50's - just click on the
following photos
John Wayne
The Topper TV show
James Dean
Somewhat ironically,
the man and woman
smokers shown to
the left, portray
dead people in that
TV show.  
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