The 2000s
Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
Welcome to the 21st Century!

The wacky humor is gone.  The photos are gone.  
The advertising is now paintings of 1950s subjects.
Flavored cigarettes are
introduced in these flavors:

Kauai Kolada
Twista Lime
Bayou Blast
Winter Mochamint
Warm Winter Toffee
Margarita Mixer
Beach Breezer
Pleasure To Burn
"Where are the
More of the same followed.
Brad Pitt wonders
Brad Pitt
The primary cause
of lung cancer is
tobacco smoke.

160,000  Americans
will die this year from
lung disease  — the
equivalent of one
jumbo jet crashing
every single day.

If you smoke, you
increase your
chances of dying
from lung cancer up
to 22 times.
Kurt Cobain
You're In The 21st Century
Jim Morrison says
"I don't know
whether to
smoke 'em or
drink 'em!"
Kurt Cobain says
A record $15
billion was spent
on marketing
cigarettes in 2003,
dwarfing the
campaigns, which
spend one-one
thousandth of
that amount.
50 million
Americans  smoke -

24% of men &
19% of women
Jim Morrison
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