The 1990s
Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
Joe Camel would appear through 1997.
1994 - Joe Camel morphs into a Jazz band that looks like
leftovers from the Blues Brothers.
Joe seems to have turned gay in 1993.
With the exit of Joe, Camel's next ads are stylish photos of
sultry cocktail drinking 20-somethings.  The Camel logo is
hidden in each ad.

The new slogan is "What you're looking for."

Could it be a brain?
For the end of the century, Camel ads gets twisted.   
They present a white-trash image in a humorous way.  

A far cry from their ads at the start of the century.
Blues Brothers - Dan Ackroyd & John Belushi
Ultra-Lights were introduced
in 1990.
It is true that lack
of oxygen can turn
you blue.
Britney Spears
Lindsay Lohan
Cigarette Model
You're In The 1990's
Anti-tobacco claim Joe Camel appeals to children and Camel
is forced to give up this advertising gimmick.
Outlawing an image from a cigarette
commercial simply because it is
cartoonish seems pretty far-out when
compared to this advertisement in

Click on photo to play video.
A talk show like Jerry

Today's episode -

"Bizarre Bigfoot
Love Triangle"
They continue
hiding the camel
logo in the ads.
This ad warns of
farm violence and
animal nudity.
"Joe is my kinda
camel ... ugly, but
"They started
calling cigarettes
fags over in
England because
they made you feel
"fagged out" - ie.
"Camels are ok,
but I prefer
Anne Heche says
Sean Penn says
Smoker kid says
1 out of every 5
deaths in the U.S.
is smoking related.
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