The 1960s
Camel Cigarettes
Advertising Methodologies Through The 20th Century
Marlboro had always marketed itself to women, but in 1955,
they decided to go after male customers.  Marlboro's
advertisements featured tough guys with tattooed hands.  In
the 60's the Marlboro men advertising morphed into cowboys
and pictures of American's west.  Marlboro would rise to
become the number one selling cigarette.

At the start of the 60's, Camels dropped the celebrities
and began to advertise that their cigarette was "real".
Candice Bergen

One can see that
marketing dept
were smoking
something other
than Camels in
the sixties.
1960 - Dam worker
Warning: When used as directed, cigarettes kill.
1968 - Camel comes out with a filter cigarette.
1963 - Balloonist
1964 - Clown
1965 - Fisherman
(The above slogan is now used by Viagra.)
You're In The 1960's
In the 40's and 50's,
radio and TV
programs would
have one sponsor,
often a cigarette

Eventually many
"sponsors" came
along and we ended
up with the
30-second spots by
numerous companys
every 15 minutes
like we have today.

The TV shows
preferred this new
because a single
sponsor would
dictate much of the
shows content.
The American Cancer
Society says
three-quarters of
long-term smokers will
have serious health
problems; smoking will
kill half of them.
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